Russia: Kamchatka - characterized by its volcanoes and fjords.

Heliskiing Kamchatka

Heliskiing on the Kamchatka peninsula with Arlberg Alpin is a special experience for very good skiers - perhaps also a highlight of your skiing career?

Where is Kamchatka?

The peninsula of Kamchatka lies in the extreme north-east of Russia between 62 and 51 degrees north latitude. The approximately 1,400km long and up to 450km wide peninsula is bordered in the west by the Okhotsk Sea, in the east by the Pacific Ocean and in the north by the Bering Sea. The peninsula is connected by a narrow land with the Russian continent. With an area of ​​about 472,300 km2, Kamtschatka is slightly larger than Germany and Austria together. Through its secluded seclusion, Kamchatka was able to preserve its extraordinary nature. The peninsula is shaped by the volcanoes, 30 active and a hundred extinct volcanoes formed Kamchatka and shaped the population. Through the peninsula there are two mountain ranges, which are separated by a long valley and Kamchatka river. Both chains are of volcanic origin. The older and less active of the two mountains, the central mountains, covers the central and western half of Kamchatka and is between 1000 and 2000m high. Between this central mountain range and the Okhotsk Sea lies a 600-700m high wooded area, the tundra. The younger, active mountain belt runs from huge volcanoes, some over 4000m high and connected to each other by mountain ridges and plateaus.


Arrival, accommodation and meals:

Travel to Kamchatka

Arrival to Moscow via Petropavlovsk, capital of Kamchatka. The longest domestic flight in the world takes about 9 hours. At the airport you will be picked up for the drive to the hotel. The transfer takes about 45min.

Hotel, accommodation

The hotel is located outside of Petropavlovsk and is classified as a *** hotel. All 43 rooms are with shower, bath, toilet and WLan. European sockets.


Breakfast and dinner are served in the hotel. A lunch pack is served for lunch.

Leisure, recreation

For recreation after skiing, the hotel has 2 open-air thermal pools. The water comes from a depth of 1600m. In addition, the hotel is equipped with a sauna, a gym, a billiard room and a night bar.


If it is not possible to fly, an alternative program is available: ski tours, dog sledging, skidoo driving, sightseeing, relaxing, ...


program flow

Saturday: Flight with Aerofot via Moscow to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky.

Sunday: arrival in Petropavlovsk, transfer to hotel (about 45min), room cover, welcome, information, safety instructions, group division.

Monday - Saturday: 6 days heliski or heli snowboard in the different regions. We will select the best slopes, areas and snow conditions for you. Most runs are in the range 1000 - 1500Hm.

Sunday: Transfer from hotel to airport, return via Moscow to Europe. Arrival the same day.


Heliski area, terrain

There are innumerable runs of various difficulty levels and lengths. All heliski runs are located between 3000 m above sea level. And sea level in the middle of the volcano. The slopes have elevation differences of up to 2200 meters, on average 1200 meters of altitude. Open and wide slopes, easy to difficult runs, steep to flat stakes, Kamchatka offers a great skiing experience. A few runs lead through gentle forest and over glaciers. The size of the ski area is limited only by the range of the helicopters and the ski skills of the participants.

flight time

There are 8 hours of flight time included. Approximately 2.5 hours are required per day. So you get in good weather about 3.5 days out. If one counted with a downday, which does not harm the recovery, are still for one to two days the time to buy. Per day approx. 1250 € per TN. For the 2.5h flight time per day one comes with a good group on about 10.000Hm ski run.

Passport, entry formalities

For entry into Russia you need a visa and a passport that is min. 6 months over the return journey is valid. The visa can be easily acquired through visa applications.

Time difference

10 hours

On site

Two groups of six people share a helicopter. You will be accompanied by 4 miners. The helicopters are spacious and heated. No stress on boarding, the backpack can remain on the back, no narrow climbing, but you can even walk in the helicopter. Practical and stress-free is in any case, that at each pick up the motors are switched off.

If you're lucky, you can see brown bears or take a dip in one of the hotsprings.

The temperature usually moves around the -10 ° C to -20 ° C but can be in warm winter even at slight minus degrees.

At least 6 people will be accompanied by a mountain guide from Arlberg Alpin.

It is recommended to spend one day longer and spend one night in Moscow. Overnight at the Red Square in Moscow.


7.250, - Euro (2020)

Date 2020

13.3. - 22.3.2020

Date 2021



8 hours flight time

Overnight in a 3 star lodge

Breakfast and dinner at the lodge

Noon on the flight

Safety equipment (ABS backpack, shovel probe, Pieser)

Transfer from the airport to the lodge in Kamchatka


Flight Hin and Retour (about 700 €)


Additional flight time (about 500 € per flight hour per TN)

Div. Taxis, Down Day Program

Taxitransfer and overnight in Moscow

single room surcharge around 400€

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