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Maximum 5 children per group - Allround support from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

Kiddy Snow Team

Small groups (maximum of five children) bring forth the best learning results. Minimum 3 Kids. We will pick up your child, with our "Arlberg-Taxi", from your hotel and bring them back again. (Taxi costs are included in the price)

Everything is included in the price except the midday meal (approx. €25.00)

3-5 children per ski instructor.

The way from a beginner to a young Skistar we packed for the kids in a "Snow Mission".

Once a week we organize a ski race. Each child receives a prize by Yogi our ski school mascot.

six exciting missions have to be mastered

Mission 1:
beginner, straight ahead and braking plow

Mission 2:
snow plow - learn and improve

Mission 3:
parallel skiing - learn and consolidate

Mission 4:
adventur Tour - explore the skiarea and perfect the skiing technique

Mission 5:
funpark, moguls and racing

Mission 6:
Freeride - skiing in deep snow


Kiddy Snow Team: 3 - 5 Children, age: 5-12 years
3 days € 450,-/child
4 days € 500,-/child
5 days € 550,-/child
6 days € 600,-/child

until 2 weeks before the Cours starts. 

Minimum 3 days booking required

Cours hours:
10.00 a.m. - 03.00 p.m. (So that we are acyclic and avoid accumulations at the lift and restaurants)

Budget apr. € 25,- per lunch. 

Throughout the winter

Which Mission does your child want to join?

In "Mission 6" the children are equipped with appropriate safety equipment for the terrain. 

Costs 25 € per day

Ski rental for children and adults at Sport Strolzin Lech.

Register to the Kiddy Snow Team 

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